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Running your event from virtually anywhere

As with most events, the virtual event can be set up anywhere.  With social distancing continuing to be a normal way of life, there will, for the foreseeable future, be more of a drive to get your message across in the virtual world. 

So where can I run my event from?  Depending on the message, the number of presenters and the visual impact you are looking to make, you can have it in the office or meeting room, through to a large conference venue or even outside.

We chose to set up a number of options in our warehouse to show you what is possible


What are your challenges in these unprecedented times?  With the event industry almost completely shut down, you will have hundreds of concerns and questions.  As an event organiser or commissioner of events, you will be asking yourself, "How can we get our message out there without having more than four people at our event?"  With an ever changing landscape, there are a number options, some that will become more available as the situation eases,

hopefully.  Looking to broadcast your event may be a solution that you have never had to consider

and you are unsure of the options and the possibilities. 

Ground:zero have been managing events and broadcasting them for many years so we come highly


Here at Ground:zero, we may have the answers. 


One of the questions we are regularly asked is, "How do I make my virtual event entertaining

enough so my audience stays engaged? 


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Event Broadcasting is the distribution of audio and video content using the internet or radio waves over the air to an audience spread over a restricted or a large geographical area.

Whether you are organising large scale corporate event, a studio based programme or a major outdoor event, we take your message to any location of your choice, around the globe to other event spaces, large outdoor screens or into the home.

As an experienced full-service event and video provider we offer event organisers turnkey solutions for streaming sound and vision to the internet by supplying all broadcast services and internet connections required on site.

From transmission of a company's shareholder meeting or a firework spectacular, our services guarantee maximum quality and reliability.

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Bringing Broadcast TV to your event


Does your event need some real-time interaction with presenters, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors?  In this section we provide a broadcast service to screens in the same room or a mile down the road.  We can interview exhibitors and attendees and provide promotional opportunities for advertisers and sponsors.  With our on-site editing capabilities, much of this can be edited and output to social media while your event is still  taking place.



From anywhere to everywhere. It's a big world out there


Do you have an audience that cannot make it to one venue?  Whether it is cost, geographical limitations or conscious of people's time there is always the opportunity to get your message to the right people. Our multi-site events are very popular with a main hub and a number of spoke sites around the world.  Public events can be streamed via platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube.  Private events can be arranged for invited delegates only from anywhere in the world.



Producing your message to the right audience

Do you have a message that needs to be relayed via a high end video production?Video production continues to be an important part of everyday communication.  Are you looking to promote a product, create an advert or dramatise your message?  Do you have a more standard corporate message to get across whether through internal communications or training?  Ground:zero comes with over 20 years experience in this area.

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If you would like to discuss how we can help you.  Click on the button, fill in the form and we will call you back


Ground:zero live is an innovative event broadcast company.  Founded in 1998 as a video production company we soon became an established live event production company specialising in conferences, internal communication events  and associated live event services, delivered across the UK, Europe and North America.  At the heart of the company is the drive to provide effective, professional video services.  Ground:zero Live is born out of this.  Part of the Ground:zero Group, we are a dynamic and highly experienced ISO9001 accredited organisation renowned for providing the very highest levels of service for our clients.


Find out more about our comprehensive event services at ground:zero productions

Chris Plows

Chris brings a number of year experience in the event industry where he has run conferences and award shows as the main Producer.  He also has experience in the video industry working in events and in the video production world.

Trevor Davies

Trevor has been in the film and video production business for over 25 years.  He produces all the video projects and he runs the post production facility back at the studio.

Gina Friedman
Production Manager

Gina has been account managing clients for Ground:zero for over 10 years.  She predominantly works on the video based projects as Producer as well as dealing with every aspect of event projects.

Alastair Hutton
IT Producer

Alastair is the go to man for the IT infra-structure necessary for all broadcast projects.  As well as his extensive IT knowledge he has also spent over 10 years as an event Producer, managing conferences and awards across 3 continents.


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