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Event Broadcasting is the distribution of audio and video content using the internet or radio waves over the air to an audience spread over a restricted or a large geographical area.

Whether you are organising large scale corporate event, a studio based programme or a major outdoor event, we take your message to any location of your choice, around the globe to other event spaces, large outdoor screens or into the home.

As an experienced full-service event and video provider we offer event organisers turnkey solutions for streaming sound and vision to the internet by supplying all broadcast services and internet connections required on site.

From transmission of a company's shareholder meeting or a firework spectacular, our services guarantee maximum quality and reliability.

We understand that a lot of work has gone into planning your event and that it is important that your message reaches your audience in the most effective and engaging way.  In this section we discuss how broadcasting your event helps you meet your objectives.

As a video production specialist, there are a number of ways we can support your event. Whether you need to broadcast around the globe, record your event for post event viewing or provide on-site editing services, this section discusses the numerous services we can offer.

Most people are only interested in the fact that their car is reliable and looks good.  They are not interested in how it works.  Others, however, are interested in the complexities of what is going on under the hood.  This section goes into more detail about the stuff you don’t see.

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Chris brings a number of year experience in the event industry where he has run conferences and award shows as the main Producer.  He also has experience in the video industry working in events and in the video production world.

Trevor has been in the film and video production business for over 25 years.  He Produces all the non-event based video projects and he runs the post production facility back at the studio.

Gina has been account managing clients for Ground:zero for over 10 years.  She predominantly works on the video based projects as Producer as well as dealing with every aspect of event projects.

Chris is the go to man for the IT infra-structure necessary for all broadcast projects.  As well as his extensive IT knowledge he has also spent over 10 years as an event Producer, managing conferences and awards across 3 continents.