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Barclays green screen WS.jpg
Brief:  Produce five training videos
Location:  Green Screen Studio
Audience: Bank staff

Ground:zero Productions were commissioned to produce a number of videos for internal banking staff.

​Each video was an advert showing a different style of banking aimed at different customer types, ie. The single person, families etc. These videos were all part of an internal training programme.

​All the scenes were filmed in a studio in one day in front of a green screen set with minimal props.  

Brief: Produce a documentary drama
Location: Chatham Dockyards
Audience: Over 7,000 people watching the video on large screens or on YouTube

Ground:zero worked with Medway Council to produce a film re-telling the story of the 17th century raid on the Medway by the Dutch navy.  The film was the central feature of a series of local events designed to coincide with the 350th anniversary of the naval engagement of June 1667.

stop smoking.jpg
Brief: Produce an advert to help quit smoking
Location:  Old train station in Kent
Audience: All smokers who are serious about quitting and who are looking for support

Ground:zero were commissioned to produce the advert to help people stop smoking.  The ad was filmed in the style of a silent movie and showed the consequence of being a smoker compared to being a non-smoker.  The advert was used by Medway Council and Brighton Council as part of their stop smoking campaigns.

Brief: Produce a video to promote the degree course at a school of psychology
Location: Leicester
Audience: All under graduate psychology students

Ground:zero were commissioned to produce the promotional video via a creative agency.  The video consisted of a number of interviews of students at various stages of the course.  It was filmed in the grounds of the Institute of Psychology.

Brief: Produce a documentary drama about the Siege of Rochester Castle
Location: Rochester, Kent
Audience: Anybody interested in the history of the castle

It's one of England's most historic moments - the siege of Rochester Castle in Kent. Rebels occupied the site in 1215 in a bid to overthrow King John. 800 years later the event was marked with a re-enactment of the famous battle.