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Travel Industry
2000 delegates worldwide     
Broadcast from The Barbican, London, England

Our travel industry client needed to communicate the latest company message to all employees around the world.  Local staff were able to attend the event and the presentations were broadcast live to all their international event venues.

fireworks 2.jpg
Local Government
7000 viewers locally 
Broadcast from The River Medway, Kent, England

Ground:zero live worked with a number of event specialists to bring to life the events of 1667 on the River Medway in the UK.  We broadcast the live event to large screens and streamed the event through YouTube to the general public.

1000+ viewers countrywide 
Broadcast from Head Office, Southern England

This is a repeat event where our client takes the opportunity to broadcast the latest company news in quarterly meetings held at their head office.  As well as providing the AV, Ground:zero also provide a 3-camera set up to relay the presentation, via WebEx to colleagues who are unable to attend the meetings.

2000+ delegates worldwide
Broadcast from Orlando

The main event took place in Orlando, Florida.  Our Producer and IT technician flew out to run the event and manage local crews.  The event was broadcast live to event venues around the world.