Capturing the spirit of your event. 

Updating the news, views and key products and messages at your events is a vital process of audience engagement.  Video has been part of the event landscape for many years, offering the perfect means of creating a record of your event, and providing great content to display on screens at the venue and to populate websites.  Video has become an essential and versatile marketing tool at your event.

Relay to Screens and recording

A basic requirement for many presentations and award shows has been the ability to project the video image to large screens in the room or even screens at outdoors events.  Audiences at large events benefit from having the action brought closer to them, making them feel more involved in the event.  It goes without saying that all the broadcasting is recorded so that material can be viewed at a later stage with transcription and editing options and preparing the message to be watched on-line at the convenience of the viewer. 

Exhibitor & Attendee Feedback

This has always been a key component of an events content.  Key opinion leaders and presenters can be interviewed for a more concise message of the presentation they have given or have come to view.  There is nothing  more rewarding than capturing the excitement of winning an award.  Award winners can provide the best feedback to your event.  Again, all this material is recorded and can be edited out to social media platforms that day or evening or editing in to a post event video often used to promote next year's event. 

Advertising & Sponsorship

Many events are sponsored and video is another way for sponsors to get their message across to delegates at your events.  This can be with pre-recorded messages that are relayed on screens or for sponsors to get their message across live at designated times of the day.  Other pre-recorded advertising material can be relayed throughout the event as well as live updates. 

Event On-site Editing

All material recorded at your events can be edited on-site for immediate play out through your preferred social media outlet.  Highlights from presentations can be edited and uploaded in a matter of minutes for delegates who could not attend.  Interviews and feedback can be edited into concise programmes to highlight the success of the event to people who will be following on social media.  Graphics and music can be added by the on-site editor to produce the polished programme that exemplifies your event. 

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