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So you can see how it can benefit you.  The next question is how?  It is as simple as adding camera equipment to your event and taking a feed from this, cut with your onscreen presentation content and supplying this as an internet ready data stream from your venue straight to the internet.  That said there are a few other technical considerations.

Corporate events are often delivered in a private way, allowing your team to watch the stream while excluding the general public.  The best way to achieve this is to stream to an active frame (a simple piece of code), which can be placed on your own website or intranet.  In this way you restrict access while maximising the availability and compatibility across supported devices in your organisation.  While this puts you completely in control, it does mean that you have to pay for the bandwidth.  This is the amount of “internet data” consumed and is calculated as a product of the quality of the data stream, the length of the programme and the number of people who watched it.  Bandwidth data is relatively cheap and certainly if you want to stream regularly, significant cost savings may be achieved.

If you really want to focus on the delegate experience or leverage maximum engagement with your audience, you may want to consider developing a dedicated page, or “micro-site” for your event.  Rather like a bespoke event app, your delegates can be sent an invitation to join the event at the appropriate link which can include other related material to view or download such as presenter content or schedules and agendas. 

For public events, where you want to reach the widest possible audience, it may be better to consider the use of a pre-existing public platform like YouTube, Facebook Live or Periscope.  The advantage here is that they will often be cheaper, avoiding your bandwidth costs described above.  However you now have other restrictions to consider, such as the use of copyrighted material.  Even when you have achieved a prior agreement to use the copyrighted material from the copyright holder, platforms like YouTube may decide to pull your stream down in the middle of the event just to be on the safe side so it is best to find a way to work without using this content.