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Live streaming is the broadcasting of live video and audio to an audience over the internet. This can be a two-way process between sites.  Unlike pre-recorded videos that can be cut and edited, live streaming is just that – live and uncensored. 


Multi-site Streaming

If you are a large company spread over more than one site across the country, Europe or the world, getting everyone to hear your message live and in the moment is a logistical nightmare and very expensive if you try to get them all into one room!  A hub and spoke set up allows presenters to gather in one location and present to a number of designated sites around the world.  These sites can be one-way or two-way.  One-way sites just look and listen, two-way sites allows a spoke site to present or ask questions to audiences at the other sites.  Presenters who cannot make it to any site can present from anywhere in the world.


Public Streaming

Public events can be broadcast through platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube or any number of providers that provide a streaming service.  Whether it is a single camera 'how to' presentation or a multi-camera outdoor event extravaganza, all this an be mixed and managed along with the audio to an unlimited audience.  Just don't forget to invite people to attend.  Streaming to the public only works if the marketing campaign beforehand has whipped up enough enthusiasm in the public to log in and watch.  


Private Streaming

Quite the opposite to public streaming, private streaming is just that.....private.  If the content is sensitive or you want people to pay to view, you will need to put in place a process that only allows invited attendees to be able to view.  This can be achieved by e-mailing links to attendees to log into such sites at WebEx with passwords.  Presentations can be streamed through web pages that need passwords or payment details to access.  Either way, presentations can be streamed around the world to a specific invited audience. 


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